Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD 1.3

Save the planet from alien invaders


  • Excellent visuals
  • Evolution of tower defense genre
  • Great gameplay


  • Can become trial and error
  • More vehicles


Most tower defense games give players the option to strategically defend their map. In Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, players are the offense.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD presents the plot of humans defending the planet from invading aliens who have setup defenses. Players have to move through different maps and destroy enemy towers.

The game on iPad 2 has an impressive visual presence. There are a lot of effects happening simultaneously and there is no noticeable lag in all the action. The overhead view focuses on the moving convoy of vehicles, but there is a large amount of secondary effects that happen at the same time.

Audio in Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is presented with a focus on gameplay, so action sound effects take center stage. But the soundtrack of Anomaly Warzone Earth HD does carry the summer action movie theme. It fits the game well over each of the levels.

Though for Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, the gameplay is what excels beyond everything else. Before entering the real-time map, players are given the option to map out their path through levels, which will ultimately pass by different types of enemy towers.

Players are given a starting fund to purchase different vehicle types like APCs or tanks that can also be upgraded in-game. Defeating enemies also give players money to buy more vehicles during each level. Anomaly Warzone Earth HD also presents different power-ups.

The standard regenerating health pack, radar jamming, and decoy power-ups are the ones that players will use a lot. Each level requires strategic use of these limited extras. Defeating high powered towers results in air drops of a random power-up.

Another great gameplay addition is the ability to change the directed path in-game. Sometimes players will need to detour and Anomaly Warzone Earth HD allows that so defeat can occasionally be avoided.

The difficulty is slowly increased and later levels require a large amount of pre-planning. Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is one of the best tower defense games.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD will challenge players with the reverse tower defense gameplay, but it is one of the best tower defense games.

Now with Retina support for iPad.


  • Now with Retina support for iPad.
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD


Anomaly Warzone Earth HD 1.3

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